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The Black Panther Party
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By Erica Blockman

My entry is about the Black Panther Party and their roll in changing our society today. I got the idea for doing my project on this particular topic from reading novels on Malcolm X and the Movement. After reading those books, it made me think more about how the Black Liberation Movement effected American history. In the novel I read, it mentioned the Black Panther Party. From the first time I read about the group, I was deeply fascinated. Since it was getting closer to black history month, and half of my entire class had no clue of who the BPP were, I just thought " What could be a better way to express my feelings about Black history month, than do a project on the Black Panther Party?" After being introduced to history day, I got straight to the project.
My local library, C.O.S (college library) and home computer provided me with the appropriate, books, and sources of information. I mainly stuck to the Secondary recourses to make my project, they were the best source of information for me. I was searching for information about my topic, I passed by other important subjects concerning the Black Liberation movement. There was a few times that I felt like changing my topic, but I decided that I would stay with my original choice. When looking up information for my project, I stuck with the primary recourses. They provided me with the reliable and most important information. After putting all my research together, I decided the most appropriate thing to do was make a website . I had too much to say to make a simple exhibit, and writing a term paper didnt seem very enthusing. I had no help in building my site because the directions were self- explanatory. I made different links for each topic relating to the BPP, thats how the site is sectioned off. The problems I over came while making the site, was printing problems, font difficulties, and other technical difficulties. The engine I used to build the site is called Tripod. It provided free space to build web sites, but still, a better choice would have been to build a website at

I feel that this topic is important, because it helped revolutionize our society. The BPP took part in The Black Liberation movement which was essential to the way black people live in our societies today Fighting for equal rights by using political and psychical force, is what I believe made this party stand out among the others. The conclusions I have made from my research, is that without the help of the BPP, police brutality, might as well still be present in todays society. In all ways the BPP is a good topic for Revolutionary, Reaction, and Reform. The topic links to all three categories. It was a very valuable assignment for me, because it thaught me some things about black history, and America's hard times.