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Justice, By Any Means Necessary


Revolution, Reaction....
The Rules Of the Panthers
Link ToThe BPP Time Line of events
Women and their role in the BPP
Malcolm X and The BPP
Process Paper
Eldridge Cleaver interview
The Legacy Of The Panthers
BPP Picture Gallery

Here are the web sites and books that made it possible for me to finish my site. Feel free to check some of the other sites out.

Primary Resource

PBS and WGBH/Frontline. Interview with Eldridge Cleaver. Online.1998. Viewed Jan 31, 2002.   This Site Gave me a 2 page interview with Elridge Cleaver. Former Minister of Information in the BPP. This site was most very helpful.  

              Seale, Bobby. Bobby Seale's homepage, From the Sixties To The Future. Online. Jan 29, 2002. Available URL: This site provided me with great BPP Pictures and valid information. I got good info about Vanguard women, and got a great photo tour. This site was supposedly made by Bobby Seale, and is his own work, so I consider it a Primary Recourse.

Secondary Research

Basgen, Brian. MIA: History: USA: The Black Panther Party. Online. Viewed Feb 3, 2002. Available URL: This site provided me with information about the BPP, and Malcolm X. It also had some cool pictures of the party members and the original six, which I used in my site.

Bennet, Lerone Jr. Ebony Pictorial History Of Black America. Chicago: Johnson Publishing Company, Inc, 1971.
This article mostly gave me the plain facts about the Black Panther Party. Certain time lines and important occurrences in the Black Panther history. This book was one of my best recourses.

Cango, Sarah, and Lonelly, Sarah. Black Panther Legacy. April 7, 2000. Online. Jan18, 2002 available: . This Site was a big help. It provided me with the Black Panthers platform program, late and early history, and important character biographies. It also provided me with great Black Panther logos for my web site. The ten point program, that was listed in my site also came from web site.

Clayborne, Carson. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Black Panther Party. 1997-2001. Online. Jan 18, 2002 . This site was pretty good. It gave me the basic information I needed to support my answers. It gave my some background info about the party

Crystal. A Whole Different World. Online. Jan 29,2002. Available URL: This site was one of the most helpful web sites that I found. It gave me specific information about the BPP. I even found a document on the Original Positions of the first Black Panther members. I also found a very intense quote by Huey P. Newton, that I added to my site.

Myers, Dean Walter. By Any Means Necessary. New York: Scholastic Inc, 1993.
This Book, about Malcolm X, was a highly important source of information for me. I found great quotes, and valuable information about Malcom X, the Black

Stephan Salceda, Barbara Haberman, The Official Web Site Of Malcolm. Online. viewed April 11th, 2002. Available URL:
 This site, written about Malcolm X was absolutely fabulious. There i found a thorough bilbiography, and time-line. I liked this site so much i used it as a link on my Malcolm X page. I aslo used a picture from the site to represent the link.

Zachariah, Mampilly. Beyond The Black Panthers: Interview With Kathleen Cleaver. Online. Published April 20, 2001. Viewed Jan 31, 2002. Available URL: This site provided me with a great interview with Former BPP member Kathleen Cleaver, and a picture of her which I used in my web site.

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