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Justice, By Any Means Necessary
Revolution, Reaction and Reform


Revolution, Reaction....
The Rules Of the Panthers
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Women and their role in the BPP
Malcolm X and The BPP
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Eldridge Cleaver interview
The Legacy Of The Panthers
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Few people out there know what the Black Panther Party did in our American History, let alone knew who they were. This years, 2002 theme, was Revolution Reaction and Reform. My topic, had to relate to all three of these catigories, and how it was significant to American History. Below i have listed the themes, and there relation to my topic.

The BPP and Revolution

Revolution. Part of this years History day theme, fit the Panthers discription perfectly. The BPP was a group of young revolutionaries, most politically educated. In playing a crucial role in the struggle for equality, in the BLM. They may have even made the finishing move in the struggle for justice They also gave women the opportunity to participate in political organizations. The groups revolt against police brutality, and unjustice acts had made both positive and negatice affects on society. After the group was established the young revolutionaries quickly began making heavy impacts on society. It should be known that the parties best interest was to revolutionize today's Black American society for the best, not create meaningless violence.


 The reaction after the Panthers establishment was obvious. Police, along with other white folks didn't like the way the Panthers stood against them. Most felt that the Panthers were jumping out of line in their actions for equality, somewhat, standing out of place. Anger spread across the Country as did more hope. Contributing only more problems and anger to some, then positively affecting blacks nation wide, and becoming part of the BLM, the BPP became an essential part in the Civil Rights movement. Police, were likely the most angered by the Panthers, and always seemed to be the ones responsible for a party members death.


 Since The Black Panther Party may as well had made the last finishing move in the struggle for justice and equal rights durring the BLM, they helped put together the way our society works today. No more brutal and unecessary police beatings, more jobs available for people of a different color, better education etc. Everything that the BLM provided our society today was also provided by the Panthers. Though the party only lasted a mere 10 years, they still prooved to be a succesful and powerful group. Through the Panthers, You can truely see the meaning of Black Power.